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Benefits of IP CCTV Cameras for Your Home

IP CCTV benefits Infographic by London Installers

Some people embrace technology and are excited about the arrival of a new gizmo, while others find it difficult to trust, learn and get used to novelties in the electronics market. Despite the group in which you belong, one thing is clear, the advantage of IP CCTV camera systems is undeniable. Continue reading

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Why Should I Use IP CCTV

IP CCTV Cameras

Analogue cameras have been used for over 20 years but have always been limited in the quality of the video they can record. Zooming into existing recorded CCTV images has proved a problem as the cameras resolution is limited at 540 TVL (414,720 Pixels). By using the latest developments in digital imaging  we can raise the video to megapixel levels providing up to 10 Mega Pixel(9,980,928 Pixels) for a CCTV Camera. Continue reading

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Brand selection

Panasonic IP Cameras

When making selections for our IP CCTV brand portfolio we assess product quality and manufacturer service levels to ensure that we offer good performing, reliable products to our customers that are backed up by strong, local manufacturer support. Continue reading

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IP CCTV Protects Your Family, Not Just the House

IP CCTV to monitor old relatives

Home Security is not solely used for security and crime prevention. It is also incredibly effective for other types of surveillance processes especially when trying to offer a constant but unobtrusive level of monitoring to an individual or environment. Continue reading

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The Importance of Home Security

CCTV Camera

Staying safe is one of the most important aspects that people like to have in their life and the emerging technology products available can ensure you and your family are safe at all times. Continue reading

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Home Security

Burglar taking valuables

Home Security (Closed Circuit Television) provides a visible and effective deterrent to any individual or group who are tempted to carry out criminal activity to, or within, a private property and offers peace of mind and security to everyone that lives there. Continue reading

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CCTV Reduced Crime Rates Research Shows


Statistics have indicated that the existence of CCTV can significantly reduce the amount of crime committed in an area and therefore by installing such equipment in a home it is possible to both deter a potential intruder from targeting a house and improve the confidence of the people living there. Continue reading

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