Remote CCTV Monitoring

Remote Control CCTVHave you ever wished you could clone yourself so you could be at two places in the same time and complete all “to-do’s”in your list? Have you ever thought that monitoring your home and children’s activities, supervising your staff, or keeping an eye to an elderly relative all at once was an impossible thing to do? Well, it no longer has to be! Our talented CCTV installers London offer top-notch remote CCTV viewing that will make it all possible. You see, at angelwebcams, we understand this urge perfectly, and we are here to help! Our IP CCTV installation services are a combination of top-notch quality and low rates. Now you can monitor your home or business from any internet-connected desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone remotely, i.e. from anywhere in the world.

We can offer you IP remote CCTV monitoring products with integrated digital video recorders (DVR). This means that you can watch what is going on in your home or office live from any internet connected personal computer or smartphone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location.

Very flexible remote viewing

You don’t even have to be traveling a lot, to need IP CCTV cameras. You can supervise your staff, monitor your nanny, or look after a sick or elderly relative while waiting for the bus, taking the train home, or waiting in a queue, or at the doctor’s office. Our sophisticated software can be programmed so that you receive e-mail, or SMS alerts when your kids get home, or if someone has broken into your premises. Don’t miss out on the chance to get informed everytime something significant happens!

Further Benefits of Remote CCTV Monitoring Include:

  • Live monitoring of your home or office;
  • Continuous off-site digital recording for safe surveillance video archiving;
  • Personal User ID & password protected login;
  • Affordable, easy to use Surveillance Systems;
  • Worldwide coverage;
  • Email or SMS notifications to your phone;
  • Ability to monitor multiple locations from your smartphone;
  • Ability to keep an eye on your staff and monitor their performance;
  • Ability to keep an eye on your family or pets;.
  • Capture incidents when they occur;
  • Ability to monitor your children when they leave and arrive home;
  • Peace of mind;
  • Ability to monitor your husband or wife’s activities;
  • Ability to keep an eye on your valuables;
  • Use the footage material as evidence in court.

If any of these reasons and benefits relate to you and reflect on what you want for yourself, your home and office, do not hesitate to give us a call! We would love to answer any further questions you may have. All our consultations are free and non-obligatory.