Business CCTV

Keep an eye on your business with CCTV

Commercial CCTV will not only help you keep track of the progress and activities of your staff, but will allow you to view your premises day and night and protect them against burglary. Owners of businesses, prefer CCTV installation in London, because they realize how important it is to keep an eye on the quality of services the members of their staff deliver. The surveillance systems that AngelWebcams offer are affordable and tailored to your budget and individual needs.

What are the benefits of Business CCTV?

According to the Home Office Centre for Applied Science And Technology a good CCTV system can do a lot for you, your staff and customers. So the real question here is how reliable is your CCTV? At AngelWebcams we believe that “good” doesn’t necessarily mean “expensive” – it just needs to be well thought out and intelligent. The years of experience and many successful projects behind our back have taught us all the intricacies of CCTV installation and Remote CCTV monitoring in London. We are devoted to deliver only the highest quality of service and technologies and are confident you will receive the following benefits:

CCTV cam subservience for your business

  • Continuous recording or record on motion detection on hard disk saving the trouble of tapes;
  • Record offsite from any location;
  • Remote access via Internet so you can watch your cameras via a mobile phone with a data connection or a laptop/computer connected to the Internet.
  • Keep an eye on staff and ensure their safety;
  • Capture incidents before and after they occur;
  • Monitor the performance of your staff;
  • Keep an eye on multiple premises;
  • Inform the Police as crime is being committed;
  • Protect your staff against crime;
  • Use camera footage as evidence of how your staff’s duties are carried;
  • Monitor your premises while away on a vacation;
  • Peace of mind for you and your members of staff;
  • Affordable and scalable;
  • Cameras can be viewed in high definition for even better quality of image;

Who is Business IP CCTV For?

  • Business owners who want to protect their premises against burglars;
  • Employers who want to monitor the quality of service delivered at their premises and the activities of their staff;
  • People who manage their business from afar, or own multiple restaurants/shops/hairdresser salons, etc;
  • People who have businesses more prone to crime;
  • Employers who want to ensure the safety and well-being of their customers and staff.
  • People who want to monitor who buys their service/goods and when, i.e. how many women/men enter the premises and what times are busier. This will help better organization and targeting.
  • Owners of businesses whose staff works at odd hours and/or performs dangerous activities.

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