IP CCTV Installation

IP CCTV Benefits
According to latest official data 1 in 10 homeowners have benefited from CCTV installation in London, or  know someone who has! Increasingly, people acknowledge the benefits of remote CCTV viewing and it has become their preferred method of crime prevention. So why wait? Oh, yes! Once you have decided on CCTV, the question is how to find reliable installers in your area, right?

 What Sets AngelWebcams Apart from Competition?

  • We possess high level of expertise – We have years of experience in CCTV installation and the many successfully completed projects behind our back can only confirm this. We really know what we are doing every step of the way from planning to post-installation maintenance and check-ups.
  • At AngelWebcams everyone is friendly and polite – Each member of our team is not only very professional and knowledgeable, but also extremely polite and helpful. We love to talk about the benefits and uses of CCTV and will gladly answer every question you may have in a free, no-strings-attached consultation.
  • Our personal touch – We love what we do and it shows in our work.
  • We made ourselves available – Call us any day of the week and we will come up with the perfect remote viewing solution for you! In addition, we install CCTV systems at home (anywhere in UK) and abroad! Have a holiday home you want to protect? Let us know!
  • Affordable service – we know how to combine excellent quality and low rates. At AngelWebcams we can come up with a budget-friendly solution to suit your every need.. We will tailor a CCTV system you can afford!

Our CCTV Installation Services Include:

  • Installation (UK and overseas) – We acknowledge that many people want to protect a holiday home, or business abroad and for this reason we offer international services.
  • Fitting and planning – For the CCTV system to really be useful, it requires careful planning. We will determine which are the best spots in your house, so few cameras can cover a larger area.
  • Sourcing – We don’t import any of the cameras from abroad! All of our cameras and equipment comply to ONVIF Compliance which allows the cameras to be compatible to third party applications, allowing you the widest possible interoperability with 3rd party surveillance systems, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Remote viewing – We provide remote viewing from any device, iPad,smart phone, PC and Mac, from any where. Our excellent remote viewing service allows for real time viewing, as well as playback viewing remotely. We can provide email alerts from motion detected straight to your phone, no need to log in and see what’s happening.
  • Maintenance – You want to upgrade your analogue CCTV system to a digital one? You’ve heard that wireless is easier to install, and that’s what you now prefer? That’s okay! We can do it for you anytime and if you are about to switch Internet providers we will configure your new router. Your cameras will never have to stop recording and viewing. If you are in love with your new cameras, we can provide an expansion to your system with more cameras, additional storage and any upgrades you need.
  • Training – We provide documentation on your CCTV setup, which ports are open on your router etc, we also show you how to access your CCTV from all your devices, PC/Mac, iPad, smartphone, etc. We just love to make life simple!

What Do You Need To Know about IP CCTV Before the Installation?

Schematic of IP CCTV camera

IP video is an area where CCTV meets IT. Our range of network cameras are available with software offering a user friendly interface which is used to control and monitor IP cameras, as well as more advanced automation features such as motion detection, scheduling, email and SMS alerts. Software for multiple views can also be supplied, allowing multiple users to watch live the IP cameras.

AngelWebcams’ complete IP Camera systems for indoor or outdoor applications include IP cameras, servers, storage, enclosures, lenses and software; everything you need to create a working surveillance system. IP Cameras are much easier to install than the older analog CCTV cameras. The cameras are all connected to the network using standard network cables. Many of the cameras can even be powered over Ethernet, or wireless making installation even simpler. Systems are easy to install – all you need is an always-on Internet connection and a mains supply. You don’t even need a PC at the camera site.

AngelWebcams Uses The Highest Quality of IP CCTV Cameras and Equipment

One of the most important reasons why we pride ourselves to be the most reliable CCTV installation company in London is the fact that we will never compromise when it comes to the quality of the equipment we use! We always aim to be on top of any technological developments and always deliver top-notch installation and maintenance services. Here is a short list of our reputable partners, that will never let you down!

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